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Samantha the Super Norn. By: Val


This story is not real it was made up,

it may come true things do hapen..


Chapter 1:

One bright morning in Albia the first norn was born. When she popped out of the hatchery she gave the hand a nice smile. The hand was delighted to see such a beautiful norn. The hand name the new babynorn Alice. The hand first tought Alice her name,Mommy. Then she took her up to the computer. Alice learned fast,the hand thought anyway. After Alice could speak she hatched another norn from the hatchery,this time a little boy. She name the boy Allan. Allan learned to speak and then Alice and Allan met. The first thing they did was smack each other then kiss. The hand could see they were a perfect match. One day the hand was letting Creatures run by itself while she was in another window. She came back in to see a egg in the garden. She was very happy. The egg hatched and out came another girl norn. She looked unusual and when she hatched she was an adult. The hand named her Samantha. Mommy.the hand couldn't teach Samantha to talk so she thought that the norns could teach her. The norns weren't near her and right before the hand left Samantha said,"Samantha push Mommy". The hand almost screamed with joy. She exported Alice and Allan so they couldn't teach her. She went out of the window and came back and Samantha said,"Why mommy,Why?". The hand didnt no what to do except say,"Why what?" Samantha answered,"Why did you leave me here?" The hand screamed and then Samantha said, "Stop you are hurting my ears!" The hand tried to export Samantha but she couldn't leave. The hand rolled her eyes and Samantha knew somehow and she started to yell,"Dont roll your eyes at me,or I'll roll them eyes right out of your head!" The hand said in her voice,"Try it." To the hands surprise Samantha started to punch air,and The hand felt it..she didnt know what to do. She ran out of the house but was still being punched. Every time she would turn around she would here "You can run,but you cant hide!" The hand was so furious,she decided to start a new world. In the new world there was a statue in the garden that said,"I'll get you Mommy,I know every move you make,I'll get all your norns to be just like me!HAHAHA!" The hand was scared. She went to check on a norn named Chelsie and the norn said,"Why did you leave Samantha all alone?"

Chapter 2:

The hand didnt know what to do all the norns where saying,"Why mommy,Why?" She started the world over and all the new norns said,"HAHAHA you can run,but you cant hide!HAHAHA!" The hand stopped her computer and when summer was over she went into school and all her friends said to her,"Why did you do that to Samantha?" All the people who werent her friends started to talk Nornish,saying."What Leave Norn?" The hand(Jessica) was freaked out. She didnt know what to do. She tryed to tell her mom,she turned around and had fur on her face and said to her,"You think you can hide,Jessica,you cant Samantha will be wherever you go. She will never leave. She has taken over all most all the world. you created her,you must be the one to get rid of her!" Jessica didnt know how to get rid of her.

Chapter 3:

Jessica decided to turn on the computer one day,to see if the norn was still there. In the background of the windows screen there was a norn with a bubble coming out of her mouth saying,"Why?Why?Why?" There was a hand with a empty bubble,and she couldnt get into any programs,she decided she would type an apoligie in there,"I'm sorry,why are you mad at me? What did I do wrong? It wasnt my fault you were born,your parents had you." Then she saw something beinging typed into another bubble facing the norn. It said,"The reason I am mad at you and am borthering you is because I want to get my parents back,when you import them and me,I will become a regular norn." So the hand imported both Samantha and Allan and Alice. Samantha had one more regular conversation with Jessica. Jessica asked her politly,"Can you stay the way you are,when your with norns you are a norn,when you are only near me you act like a human,nice,not the mean one?" Samantha nodded her head yes. Jessica and Samantha became fast friends.


Samantha the Supernorn

two will be here,soon!


The Care-Taker By: BabyCat

The Care-Taker By :BabyCat

Patti laughed at her norn friend Craig. Craig was up to his old tricks again. Trying to get a tickle by hiding a carrot behind his back like he ate it. Craig looked up at the hand and spoke "Flib Craig eat" She watched as the hand gave him a tickle. She wondered to herself. ‘Maybe she could do that!’ So slowly Patti went over to the Carrot Patch. She picked up a carrot, they were all orange! Why would she want to eat something Orange! She shuddered at the thought. The hand said "Eat" Patti looked at the carrot yet again. She put it up to her mouth but passed it to her hand behind her. The hand praised Patti "Yes" and she got a tickle. Patti felt special. She didn’t get a tickle when she ate honey. She used to. But not anymore, Patti sighed. If she pretended to eat these carrot things she would get a tickle. But She’d be hungry, but if she ate the honey she wouldn’t get a tickle. Patti turned and watched as the hand yet again gave Craig another tickle. She decided she would eat a little honey and fake eat a lot of carrots.

Patti started to eat less and less honey and pretend to eat more and more carrots. The Hand never doubted that she wasn’t eating them. In fact she was considered the ‘little eater’ . The hand was proud of her. Which made Patti happy. She got tickled tons! She was happy. But after a couple of days she began to feel weaker, ‘It’s just a small pain’ she thought. But she didn’t know that it was more than just a pain.

About a week later the hand started to notice that Patti wasn’t growing like the other norns. She was 5 hours old but still looked like a baby. Her health was always low , Under 60% always, no matter what the hand did Patti wouldn’t get better. The hand thought for a minute. ‘Patti is a great eater. There must be something else wrong with her’ The hand exported all the other norns and talked with Patti. "Eat Patti" The hand held up a carrot. Patti looked at the carrot. She took it and hid it behind her back without the Hand noticing, until she dropped it. The carrot slipped out of her hands and on to the ground. The hand stared at the carrot. The whole time Patti had been hiding the carrot’s. The hand was shocked. A weak Patti looked up at the hand. "No Patti" she said to herself and curled up in a ball. The hand check on Patti’s Life force. It had dropped from 58% to 29% in 20 seconds. The hand was scared. It didn’t want to lose his little Patti. But she was fading fast. "Patti Go" She said questioningly to the hand. The Hand Sniffed. "Yes Patti" A little death sign ran it’s pain across the bottom of the screen. The ‘little eater’ was gone.

The hand started to cry. He was mad at himself for not watching her more carefully. Mad at Patti for thinking she could get away with it. and mad at all the other norns, just because they didn’t tell him somehow. The hand exported all the remaining norns and took a rest from his responsibility as the norn care taker. It might be harmful for the norns to be around him at this time.

The hand continued his responsibility as the norn care-taker about a month later. The hand imported a couple of norns and taught them how to eat properly. Fred , {a young norn whose father was Craig } decided to get a tickle, the same way his father used to. "Eat Fred" the hand said. Fred, being inexperienced, just hid the carrot behind his back. The hand became Furious "NO" he Yelled. He slapped Fred. Fred pouted. He was very afraid and ran very far. The hand followed him. "NO FRED" the hand yelled. Fred ran on to the boat and crossed to the island. Knowing he had no chance of running from the hand Fred stopped and got out of the boat. "no Fred" Fred asked quietly. The hand looked at Fred. He was furious. Not at Fred, but at the memory of Patti. The hand was now mad at himself. Fred would probably be scared for life. The hand said "Come" Fred Shivered and walked the opposite direction. The hand was hurt. Not only had he not caught Patti’s eating disorder, now one of his 15 minute old norns was scared for life. What kind of Norn Care-Taker was he? The hand started to cry. He wanted so bad to give these norns a good home and life. But all he had done was cause them regret and death. He sighed and went to uninstall Creatures. Suddenly a little voice popped up "No Flib No!" The hand looked and saw Fred Standing up looking straight at him. Telling him in his own way to keep playing, and that if he uninstalled Creatures He would die and that would be worse than getting yelled at! The hand smiled, he knew Fred probably didn’t mean it that way. He probably was just saying no to another norn. But I guess we will never know. Hey I Know it is dumb, but people who are thinking of quitting playing Creatures might want to read it! :vD

Nortanic: A sad love story Sent in By : Rick and By : Rick

One day a fine blond norn named Laura was Boarding a large cruise ship called the Nortanic leaving the beautiful Desert Island. She was with her fiance Jared A grenorn who was incredibly handsome with slick brown hair.

Another norn named Thunder who had to stay on the island was betting his mooncheese dispenser that he found on the island for some tickets onto the Nortanic. The other norn was German. The bet was who could drink the most hootch in one minute. The results were, German:15! Thunder:......16!!!! Thunder had won! He ran on board all the time shouting,"EMFOOOOOOO!"

The other norns, Jared and Laura were very smart since they could afford the super speach machine, but Jared had a temper.Laura knew this side of Jared and knew it was a frightening side so she pretty much tried to stay on his good one. They were pretty close since they were born together except Laura came out of the incubator with a purple mountain norn father and a blond mother and Jared was a egg that hatched from time and from a grendle father and norn mother.They had an incredibly large amount of gold and one beautiful shiny necklace with a giant diamond called the shee stone or the grendles eye. By legend the diamond was taken from a grendle with one eye of diamond. Well, the shee knew this and used their magic to take it. The shee were the founders of Albia.

Once upon the boat they headed for thier room."Jared, Why are we taking the heater, fan, super speech machine, my doll collection, spagetti and wine? This room isn't big enough!"said Laura. "Ahh Laura, but it is! Look, see that other door?"asked Jared. "That door leads to the two bedrooms,"he explained. Then Laura and Jared departed for dinner.

She had always hated the high life and wished she were free to do whatever she pleased. Everyone ignored her at dinner and and complained about her not doing the smallest things like how to eat, slumping the tiniest bit, or just how she hadn't put her purple lipstick on perfectly. She was so sick of it and herself trying so hard to stay on Jared's good side and being so fake to herself she decided after dinner that she would try to get her self into the security.The improved grendle killing machine!

She ran to the machine and slowly walked towards it one step at a time. Thunder seeing her noticed that she was a very beautiful norn. How wonderful it would be to have her in his sketch book. He ran to her and said realizing she was going to try to kill herself he said,"NO NORN!" she gasped noticing him. "Norn no go to dat, lot o pain hurt!"he said. "Thunder pull norn come!" "What? Oh you're trying to save me! But it won't work!"She said. "Dont come a step closer you norn! I'll jump in it!" He looked at her sideways and said "bibble?"

"Oh, I remember now, when I was still a baby, bibble meant what. Your not as smart as me since I had the speech machine and all you had was that hand and the computer." "Hand nice. Hand name Rick. My name Thunder.Norn name?"asked Thunder. "My name is Laura." "Lra?"asked Thunder. "Laura."said Laura. "Loo?" "Laura." "laurd?"

Thinking Thunder had said Lard she burst out in laughter. "No!"she said still giggling."Laura." "Laura?" "Yes!" she exclaimed. Happy she had taught him her name. "I like you."said Laura "You're funny." "Laura no go to dat?" he asked, pointing to the machine. "Actually I like you. So I won't." she decided.

Suddenly the improved grendle killing machine started to suck!VRRROOOOOMMMM! She had stepped to close to it and it turned on! AHHHHHH. Laura screamed. "Laura no hurt! Thunder igng pull!"Thunder shouted over the noise. He grabbed her and pulled. "Owww!"They both shouted. He tugged and tugged. "Laura no go!" He pulled with all his might and finally saved her! "Thankyou for saving my life!" "Thunder like Laura, emboop."

They walked back to Lauras room. Laura decided to teach Thunder if Jared was still out. When he could finally speak correctly they found that they liked each other in many ways. She found that he was a good artist and wanted to be drawn. It was done beautifully. She in turn of teaching him how to speak and teaching manners he taught her to be her own self and do anything she liked. She felt so complete with him. She felt ... free! They were suddenly quiet.

He looked in her eyes then their lips met. Unfortunatly Jared was back and he heard them talking to each other. When he heard various kissing noises and a long one with a pop, he burst in roaring in anger sounding much like a grendle. "YOU! I'LL GET YOU! Ill kill you too!Looking at Laura he lunged at her. Thunder had learned much about Jared from Laura, including his temper. He also knew he meant anything he said. He grabbed Lauras hand and ran to the emergency soap bubbles. they soon found that the ship was sinking! The Nortanic had crashed into the already sunken Statue of Nornity! They pushed through the crowd and they each ran into a bubble. Unfortunately the reason everyone didn't get those bubbles were that they couldn't float and couldn't even keep out water! A grendle had vandalized them. Thunder's bubble leaked in more water. The ship started to sink! "Promise me Laura that you won't give up even if my bubble sinks first and if an emergency bubble comes, shout out!" "No I won't want to live if you don't!" said Laura "Promise Me!" "No."

"We can't speak long, there's not enough air!"Said Thunder. Thunder died before Laura. The emergency bubble came and found her just in time. When she got back to the mainland she found Thunder was dead she ran to the place where her life had started next to the incubator. She laid a tiny yellow spotted red egg and died of sadness.

By a experience of Rick when his submarine with a yellow egg and two beautiful norns sank mysteriously.

What   Norns   Do   When   We   Are   Gone.      By   :   BabyCat

Katie sighed and look at the hand.
"Will it EVER leave?" She thought to herself.
The hand gave Katie a carrot. Again Katie sighed and took it.
"Yes" Said the hand.
Katie moaned. She was 6 hours old! Not a Baby anymore!
She didn’t mind the tickle though.
She watched and smiled as the hand went to close Creatures.
It Clicked the button. The World turned dark.
"Flib PARTY TIME!" Shouted out a couple of Norns.
They turned on the Flashlight cob and cheered.
"Party? While the Hand is away? Never!"
Some of the older norns were more strict and wouldn’t celebrate.
"Super Speech toy step a side it’s time to go for a ride." Katie thought.
"Hop in all!" Katie went and got the Hot-Air Balloon Cob.
Every young Norn in Alibia Hopped in and up they went.
"Up, Up! Higher Higher!"
The Norns laughed as the elders watched in disgust.
They went higher and higher.
The Air slowly slipped out of the balloon.
Katie Grinned. This was her favorite part of the Balloon.
The Drop, The scary but worth it Drop!
Soon all the norns started to smile.
The Balloon started to fall.
Faster and Faster and FASTER it fell!
They all screamed with joy as they fell to the ground.
Suddenly the elders shouted.
The norns rushed to put the balloon back.
They straightened up the mess.
Then hoped back to their places,
for their owner who was obsessed.