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Whatz   Creatures?

Well Creatures is a computer game made by Cyberlife. It's a great game! If you are thinking "like a tamagotchi?" You are WAY wrong! Creatures is much more complicated. Norns are the Creatures,they live in a world called Albia.Watch them, teach them and show them how to live their life. They are your children.Only Norns

The ordanary norn looks like this...except for the green markings on her forearms. Well s/he doesn't move excactly like that. But that is what the ordanary Norn looks like. There are many other kinds of Norns that you can raise. Such as the Purple Mountain Norn{My Favorite}, Highlander Norns, and more.

The Highlander Norns can live forever. Which in someways is good but in other ways is bad. You get my drift.

The normal norn,{Picture above} lives about 16 hours. Some of mine have lived longer and a lot have lived shorter than 16 hours.

Another sad thing about Norns is getting a norn with Still birth. that is when they die right when they hatch. I don't know what causes it but I wish I could find it out and stop it. I have had 3 babies die of Still Birth. It's not a pretty picture. You get all excited to see what your Highlander/Purple Mountain Mix is going to look like...and it dies before you can even say Hello and name it. Sad.

But there are happy things in Albia! Such as Successful birth's! One of my Highlander Norns{Female} had a baby about an hour ago. The Father is Unknown. Which really doesn't make sense because all my norns are regestered.{When you give them a name, and put your name and E-mail as the owner}

Then there is the dreaded Ghost Norns. They are alive, but invisable to you, and your norns. You hear a ball bounce. Or the Carrot Vendor Plops out a carrot but then it disapears and no norns were by it. The Ghost Norn is another sad thing in Albia. Hate to say it but You can't even register this little invisable guy. Which is even more sad. When you think you have a ghost Norn you should watch your norns really close. Especially your young Norns. The Ghost Norns can become Violent because of the lack of attention.

Another threat in Albia is the dreaded Grendals. Yes there is plenty of things to kill them or scare them that you can download off the net. But what if you like the challenge? hehehe. Like me. I have trained my Grendals to be kind. When first started playing I trained the Grendals not to hit by saying "NO" when ever they hit. If they continued to hit I would then Spank them once. and say no once more. None of them continued to hit after that.

Well What is Creatures? I think you know now. At least you should have some kind of Idea.

Creatures is a product of CyberLife. This page has no relationship to Cyberlife in anyway.

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