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Places to go....<* means Coming Soon>

Adopt a norn!*
Adopt a norn,today! There are alot of norns coming,ASAP.
Cobs for download.*
Download some cobs today,download 1 ,2, or as many as you want!
Creature GraveYard *
A graveyard site for Norns
ICE chat....
Chat on the ICE chat,we are called BabyCat and Valerie(Val).
Norn Stories!
Here are stories written by us!
Links to other Creatures sites.
Whatz A Norn?*
One Question....Where have you been? :vD
Our Thoughts*
What we think of Creatures....and even some hints and Tips

Creatures...A   World   Of   It's   Own

Hello and Welcome to Val and BC's Creatures Page!

We started this page on 4/18/98.

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