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Here are our thoughts:
BC's thoughts:
Oh Geeze I hate these. Well I have a lot of thoughts on Creatures! I guess my most important thought is the idea that YOU are reposible for these little guys! It's not like just getting a dog. Norns are more Self Relient{is that a word?} They need you a lot in the beginning but then after awhile they go off on their own. So it is more like having a child. You raise them, teach them, and most of all love them. If I wrote down all my thoughts there wouldn't be enough space for Val. So that's it for me for now.

Val's thoughts:
I think that Creatures is a really good game,and anyone that doesnot have this game should get it. It is alot better then tomagotchis. You raise it,there are more then one,and norns donot just eat, sleep,and play. They need to learn,they mate and they walk,and get hurt. And there are more then just them,there are grendels,wich are sometimes bad. Sometimes they can be good,or very mean.

Our    Thoughts....

Welcome to Our Thoughts,it is well,our thoughts. I hope you like what you think,and if something you disagree with,keep it to your selfs! No,I'm just kidding,email us here .

many people have pondered over our thoughts.... to be exact

Want   Tips?  

Tip #1: When you are Breeding Norns make sure that one of the norns isn't sick. I have had a disfuncional Norn born when one of my sick norns bred, {This is what has happened on my program I don't know if this has happened to other people} if one of your norns is sick go to it's health kit and give it the medicine or food it needs.

Tip #2: When you are using Hatchery Norns it is pretty easy to get them up to the computer right? Well trying to get a norn that is not from the hatchery is harder to get to the computer as you know because they are not always born by it! Well if you want an easy way to teach your norns beside the computer, Download the Encylopedia{ also known as the Super Speech Toy} and use it as a faster and easier way to teach norns words...Here is one place you can get it... Creatures Objects