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Norn   DownLoads!

These are the norns we have available for Downloading! We hope you can find one you want to take!

We Do ask that if they do have Children, at least send us a Pic ok? Thanx!

Download a New Friend!

Terra: This is a Special norn. Well to me! She is Sweet and she is a baby PM norn. She doesn't know how to talk and her life force is at 60%. She knows how to eat a little bit but should be taught more.
Cassi: This is another little Daring. She is Female, at 71% Life Force. She is a tiny bit GreNorn but not alot. She is very Sweet.
Lia: This is yet another Purple Norn Female! She too is sweet. She knows how to talk and eats well. She is 20 minutes old <Roughly> and her life Force is at 72%.
Foxy: This is a Male Norn. Yes he is a Ron Norn.<At least I think> Also he is 9 minutes old and is at 76% Life Force.