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Creatures....A    world    in    its    own!

Welcome to Creatures...a world of its own here there will be many things. This site was made by twins, BabyCat and Valerie. Our site isnt done yet,and we hope it will be soon!

Places to go....

Adopt a norn!
Adopt a norn,today! There are alot of norns coming,ASAP.
Cobs for download.
Download some cobs today,download 1,2,or as many as you want!
GraveYard Index.
A graveyard site for Val,and BC.
ICE chat....
Chat on the ICE chat,we are called BabyCat and Valerie(Val).
Here are stories written by us!
Links to other Creatures sites,and personal pages.

Creatures lovers like us have been here!