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Val   and   BC's   COBS!

More Coming ASAP!


Coca Cola Machine!: Give your norns a Coke! The empty bottles are biodegradable and disappear after being dropped.
Benji Dog: A little Dog Playmate for your Norns.
Lemonade Dispenser: Give your norns Lemonade! Healthy and yummy. {Well I have never had it but I have been told it was good!}
Book Cob {Like Super Speech Toy only not}: A cob to teach your norns to talk. You can even edit the words!
Hot-Air Balloon!: This is My {BabyCat} FAVORITE Cob! It's a Hot-Air Balloon! Cool? I love it!
Electrical Fan: If your Norns keep saying "Hot" Keep them cool with the Electrical Fan
Black Cat: Just a compainon for your norns
Pepsi Machine: We have the Coke one now try Pepsi!

All Cobs so far have been found on Slink's Burrow On-Line

Cobs! Cobs! They are sooooo neat! Norns Love um.. We Love um..Do Grendals?